3D Design with Inventor, Electronic Design with Altium

Inventor and Altium

Today I wanted to share what we’ve been using to design the parts of the robot, we’ve been using Autodesk Inventor. I’ve had a pretty good experience using Inventor, it’s a solid tool that easily let’s you draw 3D Models and Assemblies.

For the schematic design, we’ve been using Altium. They have worked pretty well together, I was able to export the CAD from Altium then import it in Inventor to see how everything fits.

altium 3d cad pcb
Manabot’s Altium PCB CAD

Draw your own footprints

What I’ve learned from working with PCBs is that it’s better to draw your own footprints, since you can make sure the sizes you’re defining are the correct ones.

Use CAD models when possible

I would also recommend you import CADs from standard parts, I’ve downloaded most of these from grabcad.com, this website has plenty of the generic components for you to use them in your project.

Update on when the robot will be ready

We’re making progress towards having Kai ready to fight,  the PCB is ready, the inventor design is almost ready, we will be getting a 3D printer soon, stay tuned!

The 3d printer that we will most likely be acquiring will be this one, because we want to print in two colors.

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