Bringing portable power supplies to life

Greetings early Kaibots follower,

We are working on a new product, one of the main features of this new product is that it will be a portable power supply from 0 – 24 Volts. The team noticed there’s a need for this that could simplify the most important part of developing electronics hardware, which is the power supply, constantly turning it on and off for testing purposes and also have access to the information about how much power your application consumes and being able to make decisions based on this.

The reason why we are starting this project is because the main fighting robot will take more time and is a bigger project, we strive to deliver something that is truly revolutionizing so we will delay that project until we have the resources to design and manufacture something special for users.

We are going to be working hard to deliver this product to you and we will be sharing some knowledge on the parts we are using and how you can use some of them in projects!


Yasu and the Kaibots’ Team


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