First Prototype, talk at Noisebridge

Tomorrow I, Yasu, will be giving a 5 minute talk at Noisebridge, I’m pretty excited since this is the first time I will show the very first version of Lamina, the portable power supply to people and I would like to know what they think about the ideas behind why we’re building this product.

Let me share the points I will talk about tomorrow.

Why Kaibots?

When I was in college, I was an electrical engineering student and there was this week in which I needed to finish this full wave rectifier with filters and I had classes in the afternoon so I thought I’ll just to go to the lab in the evening at around 7pm after I finish all my classes for that day, I was very determined to finish this project, only to find out that the lab closes really early, at 8pm, so I had less than an hour only to finish my project and after 8pm everybody had to leave and go work somewhere else.

And if you want to work at your apartment and do hardware there, it’s hard to get the equipment. You usually need a power supply and an oscilloscope, which are both very expensive, in the thousands of dollars.

Hardware can evolve

This is what led me to believe that the tools we have available for hardware could be way better than what we have today. And better tools could foster innovation, education and the development of even greater products.

Hardware is crucial nowadays

I spend most of my day either looking at the computer or using my phone. And most people here do this too. Internet goes down, what do I do now? How do I cope with life with no internet connection? Computers have become a central part of our lives and what I want is for us to remember where they come from, there are thousands of hours of hardware design behind these computers. Giving people like you the right tools to build and design new hardware could make a huge impact in the world.

Hardware needs better functionality

We can make power supplies that don’t hold you back because they have to be plugged into a wall adapter.


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